Basic Information

Welcome to the 1 AvG 2013

Finally you can read all there is you need to know about the 1 AvG 2013 competition. Here is the summary:
  • It is an official WCA competition that is organised by me, Arnaud van Galen
  • It will be held all day long on April 1 at Scouting Paulus, Baden Powellpad 2, Delft
  • There is no entrance fee. This competition is entirely free
  • There is a very tight schedule, so there is no lunchbreak. Of course you can eat and drink whenever you want
  • HOWEVER, I have heard rumors from soon-to-be-2AvG that a free Japanese lunch will be provided for everyone that will be there. There aren't many shops around and because of the holiday they might be closed, so bring something to eat and drink just in case
  • There is no WiFi at the venue and alcohol and smoking are not tolerated
  • During the championship the official WCA regulations will be applied
  • Results of the championship will be added to the official WCA World Rankings
  • Before the competition starts all competitors can practice on the official timing equipment: the Stackmat timer
  • All puzzle brands may be used during the competition, as long as the puzzles comply with the WCA regulations
  • Let me make it clear for everyone, this is not an April Fools joke, I promise

Why is this competition called 1 AvG?

  • Because it is the 1st competition of me, AvG
  • Because it is on the 1st of April
  • Because it is a 1 day competition
  • Because this is the last day that there will only be 1 AvG
  • To give everyone notice that there will be a 2 AvG after the marriage of Aki Kunikoshi and me



Provisional schedule

EventRoundTime limitFormat# competitorsStartDuration
Rubik's ClockFinal5 minutesAverage of 509:0015
Square-1Final5 minutesAverage of 509:1530
7x7x7 CubeFinal10 minutesMean of 309:4545
Rubik's Cube: BlindfoldedFinal10 minutesBest of 310:3030
6x6x6 CubeFinal10 minutesMean of 311:0045
MegaminxFinal5 minutesAverage of 511:4530
Rubik's Cube: One HandedFinal5 minutesAverage of 512:1530
PyraminxFinal5 minutesAverage of 512:4530
Rubik's Cube1st5 minutesAverage of 575% Proceed13:1560
2x2x2 Cube1st5 minutesAverage of 575% Proceed14:1530
4x4x4 Cube1st5 minutesAverage of 575% Proceed14:4545
5x5x5 Cube1st5 minutesAverage of 575% Proceed15:3060
5x5x5 CubeFinal5 minutesAverage of 516:3030
4x4x4 CubeFinal5 minutesAverage of 517:0030
2x2x2 CubeFinal5 minutesAverage of 517:3015
Rubik's CubeFinal5 minutesAverage of 517:4530
Winner’s Ceremony18:15


  • You have to register before you can compete, but you can register all day long
  • The exact timings, formats and time limits may differ on the day, but only if that will be needed for the progress of the competition
  • All competitors must be available for scrambling and judging
  • Competing for most events will be done in 2 groups, with each group judging and scrambling for another group
  • Slower people (based on previous results) will always be in the first group so they also get the opportunity to do all solves
  • Time limits are per solve, so if you fail to meet the time limit on one or more of your solves you can still do all other solves
  • This schedule has been created to allow as many people as possible to participate, even if they cannot be there in the morning



The night before

I understand that some people have to travel from afar and would like to stay somewhere (cheap). Sorry, but my house is already full with Aki's family because of the wedding. However, you can always have a look at the list of registered competitors and see if you can stay with someone that lives close. Otherwise the only place a self-respecting cuber would stay are the cube houses in Rotterdam

How to get to the venue?

Let me start of by saying that this venue is the only building in the neighbourhood of this address. So if you think you might be are there
  • By car it is easy. Just enter Baden Powellpad 2, Delft in your navigation system and you can park in front of the door. It might look "off road" but it is perfectly accessible. If you don't have a navigation system, just get on the A13 and follow these directions. As soon as you come out from under the highway Baden Powellpad 2 is on your right
  • By public transportation it is a bit more difficult. First go to Delft Central Station, then take bus 81 and walk a bit, or take bus 60 and walk a bit Because it is public holiday the busses might not drive as often as you would like

The night after

I have picked up some rumors about a bachelors evening directly after the competition. People that are participating in that should contact Joël van Noort to see if there is enough place in my house after the party. I think we will just make that work.


E-mail If you have any more questions or need help with anything, don't hestistate to send me an e-mail
Map Map of the surroundings of the venue
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